Last Day in Krakow

Our last evening in Krakow we took it easy, sitting at an outdoor cafe, drinking some mulled wine, watching the world walk by.  There were people from all walks of life, from students, to nuns, to drunk Russians dancing for roaming Italian Polish musicians.  Unfortunately we didn’t get a picture of the last one.

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Wawel Castle was definitely worth the trip up if you visit Krakow.  Although, be aware you must purchase tickets in advance because so many are given out per day.  Unfortunately, I read and then immediately forgot that little piece of information so we didn’t go in.  But it was fun walk around and have lunch there.

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Beautiful Krakow, it’s unlike any of the other European cities that I’ve been to.  It just has this old eastern European quaintness that reminds me of something out of a fairy tale, and not the new Disney version fairy tales but the older ones.

Krakow 2

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Old Vienna Library Part 1

The Old Library in Vienna is beautiful!  Not to be compared to the new one.  So if you walk into a building and it (A) looks like it was remodeled in the 1970’s (B) Looks like any library from the States (C) is packed with actual students studying or (D) they did not charge you at the door… you’re in the wrong place.  But they will give you directions!

This is the Library you want to be at !

old library 2

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Oh those Brits

So this is the second time I’ve been apologized to for being cussed by.  Not at or to, but by.  There will be a couple girls at the gym chatting away, either next to me or in front of equipment I and everybody else needs, and in mid story after swearing, they have stopped, looked around and apologized to those nearby.  Yes, apologized!!!  Then went right back to the story.

Yes, I dare say, you should apologize for swearing in my presence; how dare you!


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