#OptOutside this Black Friday

#OptOutside this black friday

Instead of joining the throngs of people heading into stores to buy more stuff this black Friday, why not opt out. Instead, opt for spending some time outside (instead of outside in a line). The outdoor company REI started the this marketing campaign for the outdoors with the #optoutside [not sponsored (although that’d be awesome!)].

While looking up that # you’ll see stunning photography and exotic landscapes; I like to think that #optoutside wasn’t just created for professional landscape photographers and weekend warriors who can hike 30mi/day into backcountry. I’d like to think it’s also for us, regular people, who like the outdoors but aren’t able to get out as much as they likeā€¦ and maybe live in area that’s nice, but not jaw dropping amazing. So, I say this black Friday we #optoutside and flood this # with our regular, everyday people, humble pursuits outside. Here’s a few ideas how to spend a bit of time outside this black Friday.

1. Visit a nearby State or National Park
2. Go for a bike ride on a nearby bike path
3. Take a walk around your neighborhood
4. Go for a paddle in a canoe or kayak
5. Have a bonfire with friends or neighbors
6. Play in the back yard with your kids or dog, or grown up friends who act like kids
7. Start/join a game of soccer or football
8. Rake leaves
9. Put up Holiday decorations
10. Sit outside with a cup of coffee, nursing a thanksgiving food hangover, looking at the beautiful fall colors on ground, that you have no intention of raking up today.

What’s your favorite way to get outside?

#OptOutside this Black Friday

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