Time is a Funny Thing



Time is a funny thing.  A minute is 60 seconds, but sometimes a minute feels more like 3 minutes and time slows down, or a minute can feel like 10 seconds and time speeds up.  One correlation… fun.  The more fun you’re having, the faster time goes.

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Getting Out of the Gym

Getting out of the gym

Who else gets bored at the gym?   When I go, I normally pick the treadmill… because there’s a T.V.  That’s right I’m that person.  I’m content with weights, but I have a hard time with cardio at the gym.  

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Smitten on Saturday



Just wanted to stop in on this rainy day and let you all know how much I am enjoying my new espresso cup this morning 🙂

I only know two people who would sit down and have a cup of espresso with me (it’s not for the faint of heart, and stomach, especially when I attempt to make it), so I only bought two… but I just love them!

Did everyone finish cleaning out their fridges?  This weeks goal is to accomplish a few items out of your sewing pile.  Whether it be hemming that pair of pants or maybe just finishing that one project you may have started over a year ago but haven’t gotten back around to yet.

What will your sewing/mending project be?

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The 2nd TO-DO List

Happy New Year Everyone!

I have a not so secret confession…. I’m a list maker, for everything from groceries and meals to projects and bucket lists.  I have sub-list on my to-do list AND a back up list.  Let’s talk about that back up list.  For me, it’s the list of thing that need to eventually get done after I finish the daily/ more important things on the starter list.  Now, they will never really actually get done because, let’s face it, I’m not nearly as fast as I think I am.  On to my New Year’s resolutions!

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Oh those Brits

So this is the second time I’ve been apologized to for being cussed by.  Not at or to, but by.  There will be a couple girls at the gym chatting away, either next to me or in front of equipment I and everybody else needs, and in mid story after swearing, they have stopped, looked around and apologized to those nearby.  Yes, apologized!!!  Then went right back to the story.

Yes, I dare say, you should apologize for swearing in my presence; how dare you!


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Tossing the Garlic

Went to gym today for yoga and got there early for a treadmill/ rowing machine warm up.  I am proud to say I was at a fast paced jog for a full 5 minutes!!!  Woot!!  Woot!!  I am not a runner, to say the least.

Then I came home and had enough, the garlic had to go.  Although I got my sprouts, they never scaped (yes, I turned that into a verb) and little no-see-ums moved into the dirt.  After leaving the kitchen bit after cooking each night, it was time to ditch the garlic.  So my garlic growing experience has been deemed a fail.  But I do have  some lemon seeds saved!

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