Cotswold Lavender Field

We drove out to the Cotswold Lavender field today, prepared that it might rain, but today surprised us… today we got hail, and lightning too!  Even though there was rain and hail, there was a nice little gift shop and indoor cafe to eat at, waiting out the storm. Their lavender scone was yummy 

All the different colors of purple. I never knew there were so many types of Lavender!


The Storm moving in… not unusual, hail… surprising! Another little surprise…Snails apparently really like lavender; they were all over.

For more information on the Cotswold Lavender Field admission and hours, click here.

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  1. Wow! You cant tell the difference with your new camera! These photos are absolutely beautiful. Had to have smelled heavenly. Is that you in the last pic?

  2. Beautiful Cari! Love the last picture. I can almost smell the lavender through your pictures… must of smelled amazing.

    1. Thanks! It really did. They were plowing a couple fields in between the rain and it smelled amazing when they did.

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