Budapest Christmas Market

Budapest Christmas Market, Budapest, Hungary

We finally changed some euros so we could try all the yummy looking goods at the Christmas market.  Before we went on the boat ride we had gotten some Goulash in a bread bowl since we couldn’t wait to eat.  It was delicious (in fact, I like all the food we tried… especially the pastries!) After walking around all day we were hungry in Hungary! Lots of locals seemed to meet up for a drink.

Returning from the river cruise, we tried some Palinka, which was a difficult speaking transaction since I didn’t understand that there were different flavors of Palinka.  It’s similar to flavored vodka.  The guy kept asking if I was sure I didn’t want it in a punch, and I said no, and then he asked if I wanted raspberry  and I said no, just Palinka.  That poor man was very confused, because I kept asking for something, and when he’d say it back I would say no. lol.  Thank goodness for my husband who finally stepped in and said, “YES!  That is what she wants, just a shot, thank you!”  He caught on a bit quicker.  What would I do without him.  The same thing happened when I first arrived in the UK.  I kept thinking Pimms and Lemonade was a shandy because I thought Pimms was a beer, until I bought it in the grocery store.  Apparently, I’m not the most educated on spirits, it took awhile…

Anyway, back to the Christmas Market!  We passed on the roasted testicles and instead bought this.

Budapest sourcream pizza

It’s a fluffy pizza dough with sour cream as a sauce and a bunch of stuff on top.  It was good.  I forgot to take a picture of the name though. We then saw everyone walking around with these sugary cone things, and off searching we went!

Budapest elephant ear thing

These were like elephant ears only completely different.  They were a kind of sweet light bread maybe with some vanilla in the dough, rolled in sugar/ cinnamon/ all different kinds. They were called this:

Budapest elephant ear name

And were made like this:

Budapest elephant ear thing being made

Rolled over embers to roast.  And sooo good, but by the end you were sick, because all of the sugar.  All in all, I really liked the Budapest Christmas Markets. Infact, I think my favorite thing about them (other than the food)  is that when we were looking at the nonperishable items, like pottery, and so on, everything we looked at was made in Hungary.  I’m not sure if this was every stand, or perhaps just the ones we happen to stop and browse at.  This was not the case at the markets in Austria.

If you’re looking for more information on things to do in Budapest, check out the river cruise, or my one day in budapest post.

Do you have a favorite Christmas Market? Let me know in the comments!

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