Portugal the Algarve Region

Although we were only there a short time, Portugal is a country I would love to return to and explore further, possibly Lisbon or, do some hiking further north.  We stayed in the Southern Algarve region and it was beautiful!

Portugal 1 ed

Portugal 3 ed

Portugal 2 ed

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A Short Virginia Trip

Deciding to go camping on a last minute trip, we loaded up a car and headed off to Virginia.  Hours later we arrived to a full camp ground and headed to a local hotel.  The next morning as I sat in the car waiting for Mr. HP, this cat head stared at me from the car across from me swaying back and forth in a creepy kinda sad Cheshire cat manner.  It was so creepy I was laughing by myself in the car and pulled out the camera to take a picture.

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Ten Good Things About England

Caridff Castle view from Bute Park 2

  1.Walking everywhere

2. Rainy days

3. Taking full advantage of sunny days

4. Outside cafe tables not facing parking lots

5. Cheap flights to Europe

6. Flavors like Elderflower & Black Current

7. The underuse of carbonation… just enough

8. Sticky toffee pudding

9. Cream tea

10. Shandys & Perrys on a sunny afternoon sitting in a park full of people

Oh and did I mention CASTLES ! ! ! !

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Time is a Funny Thing



Time is a funny thing.  A minute is 60 seconds, but sometimes a minute feels more like 3 minutes and time slows down, or a minute can feel like 10 seconds and time speeds up.  One correlation… fun.  The more fun you’re having, the faster time goes.

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Getting Out of the Gym

Getting out of the gym

Who else gets bored at the gym?   When I go, I normally pick the treadmill… because there’s a T.V.  That’s right I’m that person.  I’m content with weights, but I have a hard time with cardio at the gym.  

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