Portugal the Algarve Region

Although we were only there a short time, Portugal is a country I would love to return to and explore further, possibly Lisbon or, do some hiking further north.  We stayed in the Southern Algarve region and it was beautiful!

Portugal 1 ed

Portugal 3 ed

Portugal 2 ed

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A Short Virginia Trip

Deciding to go camping on a last minute trip, we loaded up a car and headed off to Virginia.  Hours later we arrived to a full camp ground and headed to a local hotel.  The next morning as I sat in the car waiting for Mr. HP, this cat head stared at me from the car across from me swaying back and forth in a creepy kinda sad Cheshire cat manner.  It was so creepy I was laughing by myself in the car and pulled out the camera to take a picture.

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Ok way behind on updating, and at this point I’m not sure if I’ll catch up before we leave.  Yep, that’s right an end date is in sight!

This is Sitges Spain…

Sitges 1

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Park Guell


While in Barcelona, we had a picnic in the beautiful Park Guell.  Unfortunately, once we starting walking around on the paths I forgot to pull out the camera till the end.  The first three are views from the bench where we ate lunch.


Park Guell 2



Park Guell 1

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