A Venice Canal

Venice Canal

Venice is a wonderful place to get lost in.  Every ally way you turn down takes you to another option of paths, if you’re lucky never leading you to the same road twice.  Much like life.  It allows you that feeling of exploration you had in youth, when you were on an imaginary expedition in some magical place.  If you’re going to visit Venice, I definitely recomend staying the night there, as the sun begins to set, many of the tourist begin to clear, the atmosphere relaxes into something more… authentic.

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Ireland Inspiration

This is near Doolin, Ireland. This is how I remember Ireland… beauty around every corner. Doolin is a great town to pop into while visiting the Cliffs of Moher. It’s when I see photo’s like this I get that antsy, gotta travel somewhere feeling.  Anyone else ever get that feeling?

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St. Patty’s Week!

I just love St. Patrick’s Day!  I do believe it is my favorite holiday.  I’m not Irish, and to be quite honest I don’t even drink that much anymore.  I love it because it’s all about people getting together and having a good Blarney kissing time.  So I decided to have an Irish themed week to celebrate!  I’ve been going through editing some of my old photo’s, seeing what I have; this week I will be posting some of beloved Ireland.

Below is a wee Irish cottage on the Aran Islands.  It’s just so quaint and green!


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