Baby It’s Stuffed Inside…

Baby it's stuffed inside...

Baby, it’s stuffed inside, filled to the brim of the Santa hat. There’s no room at the inn… the inn keeper said, at their wits end, trying to keep the place clean and tidy. But it’s that time of year again folks. Time to get stuff you never needed or wanted from everyone you’ve ever met. Of course, there are those gift givers who just somehow seem to find the perfect gift year after year. Then there’s the rest. White elephants here, under $15 secret Santa’s there, not to mention all the gifts we gift ourselves as we shop for others. What!? Don’t pretend you haven’t done that.

As the biggest consumer event of the year begins, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I already own. Living in an apartment, space is limited. Also, the longer you live in a place the more stuff creeps up on you. It gives an entirely new definition to lifestyle creep.

So this year, I say take inventory. Upgrade or replace, instead of allowing the creep to occur. Go through the stuff and drawers your use daily, in the kitchen, the bathroom, and the closet. Look to see what you use all the time. Is it worn, tired, ready to be retired? Put that on your Christmas list. Are you gym shoes no longer showing tread on the soles? Put it on the list. Out of lip balm? Ask a friend for their fave.

While you go through the drawer checking… toss the junk and clutter! Old condiment packets that you’ll never use, toss them. Old worn out clothes that you will never actually sew or alter to make fit you, donate it. Clear your space of the excess stuff, that you riffle through everyday, to get to the stuff that you actually use everyday!!

I’ve been doing this quite a bit recently. I have brown grocery bags around the house that I’ve just been dropping things I know longer use/want in to be donated or sold. There comes a time when you need to fight back against the creep, and take back your space!

Who’s with me!?!?

Are you having clutter concerns this holiday season? Let me know below in the comments!

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